Living beyond your human self

If you have clicked on this post then I am going to assume you have a level of belief in a force within you that is greater than you – your Spirit spark, your divine core, your higher self. Many descriptions for something that all religions teach.

In a moment of grace I had the realisation that maybe I can choose to free myself of these human shackles of doubt, fear, restricted thinking, feelings of inferiority. What would happen if I occasionally break out of my restricted life and just OPEN UP? For a brief moment I realised it was possible, and maybe if I bring myself to this place of realisation regularly (like strengthening a muscle) it will happen more and more.

If only it would be possible to bottle the realisation, or in some way make yourself a reminder of how you got there, because sometimes these things can be elusive! Maybe having the intention will be enough, because my guess is Spirit would like us to come to this place regularly so that we can live in this mindset more and more as we grow.


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