Spiritual guidance

We are told we can receive guidance from Spirit, and that it comes in many ways. However, there is not really a lot of detailed information on how to receive that guidance! Learning to become more receptive to spiritual guidance is a journey for me, a very long one it turns out. Life doesn’t tend to go in predictable ways.

I’m trying to look at the information available to me, and also look at my own experiences and how they connect, and hopefully, I will see some patterns that I can follow more reliably.

Some of the main tips I have found on becoming more receptive are:

  1. Learn to let go of our egos… especially letting go of the outcome of things
  2. Learn to listen to intuition (listening to your gut feeling)
  3. Learn to listen within (this can also mean asking a question and waiting for a response)

I’m starting to think this is one of those things that needs to be learnt by experience and improves with practice.

As a teenager, I had a profound experience with ‘hearing’ a voice. It was the first time this had happened to me, and although I have had many times since when I have had intuitive guidance and sometimes even in voice form, none has been as striking as this first experience.

At the time, we had several horses in a large paddock next to the house. On this particular day, my mother had decided we needed to look for a horseshoe one of the horses had lost. Although I felt that hunting for this horseshoe would be a lost cause because the paddock was large, and most of the grass was knee high, I eventually humoured her because she had a look of dogged determination on her face, and also because I knew she would give up eventually when realising what a ridiculous task this would be.

My mother marched onto the paddock like a soldier going to war, and I – like a normal teenager – complained and sighed, and trudged after her. She began striding off into the distance, and when I had walked maybe 50 metres I looked towards the sky and thought, “God, where do I start looking?”  It was a rhetorical question obviously, I wasn’t really asking God, but maybe somewhere in a split second, I was. Immediately after asking I heard, “Look behind you.” I did a double take, because although the voice was coming from within me, it wasn’t coming from ME.

I stood shocked and dumbfounded for a moment, whilst wondering where it had come from, and the voice came again, “Look behind you.” The second time the voice spoke I realised I wasn’t imagining it, so I slowly turned around and to my amazement, the horseshoe was lying in the grass.

I picked it up somewhat dazedly, and called out to my mother that I had found it. She beamed and said, ”I knew we’d find it!”. I didn’t mention that we probably had some help, because she wasn’t then – and still isn’t – a believer in spiritual things. Somehow I felt this special experience would be lost on her, so I kept it private.

I think my life changed from that day on, I knew that a discussion with Spirit was not only possible, but maybe even encouraged. Why else would a teenager receive such incredible guidance? It was a gift to me, to show me early on that great things are possible – and that I am never alone.

Now here’s the question: why wouldn’t Spirit stay with me at all times, guiding me with this voice that came to me that sunny day? I believe this is a really important thing to grasp – if I had someone telling me everything I need to know, every minute of the day, what sort of life would that be? There would be no free will, no exploration, no learning. And that is not an enjoyable life. And I strongly believe that our life here is a journey of discovery, learning to love freely and unconditionally, with all that it entails.

So within the parameters of learning to love with a free will, how do we receive guidance that will help us on this path? I think as long as we have faith that help will be there when we need it, we can ask questions of Spirit and if we listen in our heart answers will often follow. If an answer doesn’t come we need to be patient and maybe ask again another day – or maybe ask the question in a different way. If we keep in mind that Spirit is mainly concerned with our souls, it might help us to understand why we sometimes receive answers and sometimes we don’t.

It is a wonderful journey to be on, knowing that guidance and help is never far away.

High grasss


Photo courtesy of Stocksnap.io