Finding your purpose (part 2)

If there is a constant craving for more meaning in what you do, it could be a nudge from Spirit to keep working towards a life where you are living life to your fullest potential.

Learning to live to your fullest potential, means learning to LIVE FULLY – grabbing life with a full embrace and looking forward to where it will take you. Embracing the not-knowing of the outcome. This includes fully embracing all the highs and lows, the successes and failures, the happiness and sadness, the joys and the challenges.

The Spirit nudge we feel is telling us we have some things within us that want to be activated. I believe these are the gifts we were given by Spirit to make us the unique and special part of the puzzle that each one of us is a part of. If we allow ourselves to be ‘found’ and placed in the puzzle, we can help complete the picture. But if we stay hidden, and believe ourselves to be of no greater use, then we are not only denying ourselves of our part in the puzzle, but also the other pieces in fulfilling their part, not to mention the creator of the puzzle.

Maybe you know what some of your gifts are, or maybe you are thinking, “Actually, I don’t have anything particular I am good at. I’m ok at lots of little things, but nothing that really stands out.”

However, what I have been learning over the last few years is that we each have something special, quite unique to us that we are good at. If we believe there is nothing special about us, we are actually doing Spirit a disservice, because we were created with infinite love and wisdom, and every single being on this earth is a complex work of art beyond anything we can comprehend. How could we not be perfect in every way? Even the parts of ourselves we do not like are part of this perfect creation. Honour it.

Learning to live fully, and to your potential, will not only make you happier and more fulfilled, but will also benefit the whole world. We are all connected.

Exploring what I am good at, what my strengths are, is one of the most incredible journeys I have begun to travel. And it has triggered a thirst to see what other people’s strengths are, things they may be unaware of. What I have found so far, is that sometimes what everyone else seems to notice in us is quite often hidden to ourselves, mainly because it is so ingrained in who we are that we take it for granted.

If you haven’t yet explored what your strengths may be, start by looking at the following suggestions:

  1. Keep a journal about what gets you excited, what you believe you are good at, what makes you forget time. These will be your clues.
  2. Complete the Strengthsfinder test
  3. Complete the 16 Personalities test (free)

It does take time to truly discover and understand your strengths and why they are unique to you, but it is one of the most rewarding journeys to be on.