On letting go and relaxing into Spirit

A lot of my spiritual learning in the past few years has been based around the gentle release of letting go. The longer I travel this path the more I realise that when we forcefully hang onto things, whether they are ideas, people, material possessions, goals, the more they seem to cause us grief. Try cuddling a toddler when they don’t want to be cuddled, and you get the picture.

It’s not so much about resisting the love and attraction we feel towards all these things, because it does make sense that we use love as our guide in life and follow our passions. Our love and passion for something is usually the best way we can be of most service to others. It is more about forcefully hanging onto something that doesn’t want to be held.

We often need to put a huge amount of effort into some things, and my learning has been revolving around when to hold on and keep trying, and when to let go. I currently manage these situations by trying to be guided by my intuition. This is a work in progress. Sometimes I don’t get a clear message from my intuition, and so in that instance I will usually continue on my merry way until something becomes clearer.

I’m finding that the next step in my journey is learning to relax into Spirit. For me this means learning to listen to and feel what wants to happen rather than me wanting to make things happen. In a practical sense this means listening to my intuition when I get a feeling I should: call someone, even though I know we’ll be talking in a couple of days; take a walk even though I don’t think I have time; buy the newspaper even though I never do normally.

When I follow my feelings in this way, I usually understand later why this may have been spiritual guidance.  Sometimes it’s blatantly obvious, like when my intuition tells me to take a wide berth of a car on a very quiet road – which doesn’t make sense to me at the time because it is appearing to be waiting for me to pass, and then suddenly comes towards me as I do pass. In this instance the car would have hit me if I hadn’t followed my intuition.

I am loving this new direction of my learning, it is scary and exciting at the same time (I’ve been told this is the best sign of all, it means we are growing). One main ingredient of relaxing into Spirit is learning to trust that this is the best path to take (it comes as a learning package deal!), regardless of whether it makes sense at the time.




Photo courtesy of Stocksnap.io