Sickness – a way to uncover deeper desires

If sickness is following you around like a bad smell, maybe it is time to ask the sickness some questions. Why are you here? Why are you making my life difficult? Why are you slowing me down? Why do you keep coming back?

Whilst in the throes of being unwell, I felt something was going on, and maybe it didn’t have anything to do with whether I had been taking care of myself physically or not. I asked myself these questions, and more. I kept asking questions, one after another until I believed I was getting somewhere. The answer shocked me.

Maybe I like the safety of having sickness around. Maybe the pressure is off me to do more, be more. Maybe I am scared of doing more, being more. I am afraid to fail, yes, but I am also afraid to succeed. What would it mean to have my dream fulfilled? You think you don’t have a dream? Dig deeper. Be honest, and don’t hold back. Don’t be afraid to ask yourself (or the sickness) more and more questions until you get to the crux of it.

Trust me, you’ll get there.

(Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash)