My name is Kira, and I would love to share this spirit-filled journey with you!

I’m a fellow spiritual traveller, who loves pondering the bigger picture.

To be honest, I think I was born with some innate desire to understand my own spirituality from the get-go. My parents were certainly in no way an influence on my interest, because although they had a strong sense of morality I think they are both atheists of sorts. We never discussed anything remotely religious or spiritual when I was growing up, which may have been in my favour as I was left completely to my own devices and allowed to think freely without any restrictions.

When I was seven I watched a film that broached the subject of life after death, and I realised I could never imagine my thoughts stopping. From that moment on my belief in a life after death was sealed. I knew I was too young to think about this topic in depth, and I benched it for a later day when I would be older.

As a teenager I began to search for answers with enthusiasm. I read books on religion, life after death, palmistry, astrology – anything from the metaphysical world that piqued my interest. A lifelong passion emerged, and continues to this day.

I am now excited to be coming out of my ‘spiritual closet’ (I’ve been in there long enough), and explore the bigger questions of life in this blog.

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